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Conergy Global Investments Strengthening Relevance in Nigeria’s Hydrocarbon Industry

by Leon Hussain
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Nigeria’s oil and gas sector is making humble progress, and indeed fast catching up with the global relevance of the all-important industry. 

This singular fact, the recent birth of the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) and other positive action of the government, no doubt helped catapult indigenous players in the economy as well as global oil market. 

Conergy Global Investments Limited is one unique company modestly and aggressively proofing its mettle in the country’s oil and gas industry. 

For over a decade since it commenced operation, the company has bestride the industry like collosus showing what it takes to move oil serving and other auxillary services concern to enviable height. 

The drivers of Conergy Global Investments Limited,are not leaving any stone unturned, and indeed exhibiting more thirst to push company beyond certain limited scales, especially now that there is increased borderless transaction being promoted by the dynamic global economic environment. 

The promoters of the company, said it is a wholly indigenous engineering, construction and maintenance service providers incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as a company with limited shares. 

The company said its vision is to be a focused engineering, construction and project management company in Nigeria and gradually within the sub-regional areas with excellent professional competences in the handling of “engineering designs, construction, installation and maintenance of engineering equipment, project management services,” above industry set benchmarks. 

Conergy Global Investments Limited is also on the mission to provide a professional platform for indigenous participation in the Nigerian oil and gas, and power sector by providing complete; quality assured engineering services capable of satisfying the most stringent requirements of its clients wherever it is required using the best available technical skills. 

A senior official of the company told Premium News that the company has over the years held to its corporate mission and driving corporate agenda that has etched its name in gold in the oil service business in Nigeria and outside world. 

Conergy Global Investments provides first-rate services in engineering,construction/fabrication,project management, maintenance, piping and structural works for both onshore and offshore works. 

Its core competencies include mechanical installation/construction fabrication and welding (Surface & Underwater), pipeline construction and maintenance, production facility maintenance, industrial electrical installation pumps as well as industrial machine project management. 

The company is the sole representative of Indumar problem solving products in Nigeria, through I-Neema Ghana Limited, for pipeline repair. 

Its pipeline solution includes Stop It Pipe Repair System, which is a fast curing, in-field composite pipe repair system, ideal for repairing leaks, reinforcing joints, rebuilding wall strength and corrosion proofing – in virtually any situation-even underwater, profit flow in minutes and prevention of environmental contamination. 

“STOP IT is used for routine and emergency leak repair, hazardous material spill control, structural reinforcement, sealing joints, rebuilding thinning wall, corrosion proofing, abrasion protection, repairs in hard to reach areas, underwater repairs and electrical conduit repair. 

“STOP IT is used by petrochemical, industrial processing, pulp and paper, HazMat response, military, marine, irrigation, power generation, facilities maintenance, water/ wastewater, manufacturing, commercial fishing, food processing, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors”, the company said . 

The company built tank farms for base stocks like base oils and Liquefied Petroleum Gas plant installation services, construction of engine oil manufacturing plant. It also specialises pipeline installation and protection which over the years has put the company in advantageous edge over its contemporaries. 

The company said its ability to carry out satisfactorily does not only depend on the age, physical assets base or the quantity of projects already handled, but also to a large extent on her personnel proficiency and experience on similar projects. 

The company expressed total support for measures required using the best available technical skills these health and safety of its personnel and of others who may be affected by its operations. 

It’s also committed to using the best means and strategies to minimize negative effect on the environment where these operations are carried out. 

“Our personnel shall meet the standards of quality, health, safety and environmental protection on imposed by local legislation on and client’s provision. 

“We are fully committed to the pursuit of high product and service delivery while ensuring no harm to people and no damage to environment”, the company said in a statement. 

The company is technologically fortified to provide her clients in the petroleum, marine and construction industries with survey/engineering expertise. 

To compliment this expertise and provide its clients with leading edge technologies and solutions, the company provides specialized technical know-how through partnership and the use of standard and certified technology. 

At the conceptual stage of a project, the company determines the technical and commercial feasibility, which is achieved through our expertise in survey 

& engineering consultancy areas as; selection of the most suitable technology for the project ,experience (of personnel) in implementing the project execution by first confirming that the technology being selected is practicable . 

Others are ability to provide an accurate forecast based on limited information and consideration of relevant applicable standards in accordance with ISO requirements. 

The company continually keeps abreast of the technologies that provide value added services to her client operation which is demonstrated in our strict reliance in survey, marine, engineering and technological standard publications by acclaimed international institutions and organizations. 

“Our confidence in successfully executing projects is attributable to our adequately equipped office base and our state of the art equipment which we can mobilize at the short lead-time advised by clients. The equipment utilized in the execution of our projects encompasses those directly owned by Conergy Global Investment and others that are easily mobilized in the shortest possible time from our technical partners and consultants based on a long standing alliance”, a senior official of the company said. 

He said the company is also aware of the high technological nature of her business, sophistication of equipment and work tools and risks associated with all her operations 

This caused the company to maintain a data base of policies and procedures including controlled documents to guide all company’s operations in order to ensure delivery of memorable results while preserving the environment personnel work and promoting the health of all employees and third parties. 

According to him, these are communicated to all company’s employees and contractors upon employments and reminded in regular meetings between the company’s management and the line supervisors.

With an articulated corporate Local Content Policy, Conergy Global Investments Limited is a 100% Nigerian owned company, and strictly adhere to and surpass the local content policy. 

Although it is the aspiration of the company to use indigenous personnel in the execution of her projects, 

it is however pertinent that it employs a few expatriates (foreign nationals) to execute projects requiring high technical professionalism and expertise. 

A senior official of the company, disclosed that, in carrying out the above, Conergy Global Investment Limited, ensures that the Enterprises Promotion Decree i.e.local content of labour is kept at as high as 70% to 30% from our foreign technical partners. 

“We invest in our personnel by sending them to training and professional development to ensure we meet international standards in construction. We also have foreign partners that we brainstorm continually to ensure global practices”, a senior official of the company said. 

Conergy Global Investment Limited, does not compromise its employment standard ,especially in the recruitment of its experienced personnel with proven track records of excellent performance in onshore and offshore mechanical and electrical engineering and construction projects and maintenance disciplines of petroleum and related industries. 

It said, the key management and project supervision personnel have appreciable long years of field (i.e. onshore and offshore) work experience in engineering, fabrication & construction, inspection and project management. 

The company recruits its project personnel from reputable associates (including technical partners) and consultant, professional bodies and association of acclaimed standard and integrity are also patronized in this respect. 

The company’s client base has grown encouragingly in recent time and spreading beyond the shores of the land Service, professionalism, integrity, trust and out-of-the -box strategies have been the watchwords of the owners of the company . 

Within few years of the commencement of its operation, the company has impacted its operating environment through its robust Corporate Social Responsibility Projects which has continually add value to lives 

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, CEO,Mr.Peterson Babalola, explained that his company deliberately invests in promoting corporate social responsibility as a rewarding strategy for the host environment for providing business-friendly climate . 

“We’ll continue to draw strength from action plan and proactive strategies to enable our communities have sense of belonging in the growth and development of our company. We shall from time to time be at the fore front of community-inclusive projects not necessarily to boost our profit margin, but to humanize our operations in the fast changing global economic environment. 

The company is not resting on its oars inspite of its steady progress, impacts and achievements in the global oil and gas industry. 

It hopes to deepen its presence in more countries and bring more glory to the country’s oil and gas sector. 

Helmsman of the company, Peterson Babalola, disclosed that the new Petroleum Industry Law, reforms in the energy sector as well recent seamless transition to another democratic administration in the country will sure impact the economy positively and strengthen Nigeria’s hydrocarbon industry. 

According to him, the anticipated changes in the sector would provide more fertile ground for his company to play invaluable roles therein as well as redefine its presence in the sector 

He said that his company has already key into the ongoing global energy transition agenda which he expressed would put Conergy Global Investment Limited in preeminent position in oil serving in the world. 

Source : Independent

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